ARA Website – Self-Registration Functionality

Dear new Alcon retirees,

We have recently had a system problem whereby new ARA registrations were not stored on the roster file.    This has now been fixed.     Thus, if you have submitted a new registration over the last several weeks since early June, please kindly repeat the registration so we know who you are and don’t lose your contact information.

Many thanks for your patience with making a resubmission !


2018 ARA Events


Dear ARA members,

Hope everyone is well.    So amazing to think that half of 2018 is nearly behind us.    Please mark your calendars for our two remaining events this year — the September 17 quarterly luncheon and the December 3rd annual Christmas Lupper.    We will continue to meet in the old cafeteria, now newly named the Crossroads Conference Center.

Please watch for details of each event on the website shortly before each date.    We look forward to catching-up with everyone at our luncheons, see you there.

Best wishes for a great summer !


ARA Website Information

To access the ARA Members section, you will need an email address and password. Please use your email address that you have previously provided for the ARA roster and the initial password is your respective zip code. Once logged-in, you will have the opportunity to change the password.

We welcome your feedback. Send us an email — if you click Contact at the upper right of the home page, our respective email addresses can be found.

[Important: We have a large number of ARA members for whom we do not have an email address. Thus, if you are unable to sign-in to the member section as instructed above, this mostly likely means we need your email address to record in the database before you can access this section of the website. In this case, please send your name and email address to Brad Kling at ‘’. Many thanks!]

New Alcon retirees ready to join ARA – please proceed to click on the link “Sign Up Today” and fill-in the requested information. Your registration will be reviewed and acknowledged shortly.