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In Hindsight Winter 2021/2022 Newsletter

Dear ARA Members,

Happy Valentines Day!

Please join us for an exciting program in 2022. 

The ARA Luncheons are scheduled to be in person on the Alcon Campus on March 21st, June 13th, October 3rd, and December 12th  (the Annual Holiday Lupper).

Please stay tuned to the ARA website and watch for meeting announcements.

The Winter 2021/2022 Newsletter has been published. To view it from the website, login and choose the Newsletter box on the right-hand side.

If you aren’t a member yet, click on “Not A Member? Sign up Today” and fill in the information requested. Soon, you will receive an email from me asking for information to confirm your retirement date and where you worked at Alcon. Please be sure to respond or the new registration will not proceed forward. Within a day or so after your response is received, you’ll get an email confirming your membership. Follow instructions in the email regarding login and dues.

Best regards,

Pat Cappelletti
President,  Alcon Retirees Association