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Frank X. Buhler

Dear ARA Members,

Frank Buhler, a senior executive who built Alcon’s International Division in the early years of the company, passed away at age 88 on Saturday July 12, 2014.

In 1995, after some years in retirement from Alcon, Frank was the inspiration for founding the Alcon Retirees Association with a small group of other retirees.   He led the ARA as President up until 2002 when Andy Lubrano succeeded him in that role.   We express our appreciation to both Frank and Andy for their initiative and efforts to lead the ARA.

Please reference the link below to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram obituary for more details.

Frank Buhler Obituary

On behalf of the Alcon Retiree Association, we extend our sympathies and best wishes to the Buhler family.