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Gene Estes

Gene Estes always did appreciate a good time and a fine wine, and now he has managed to put the two together. A few years back, he bought a few acres of land out in the country near Burleson, named it the Post Oak Vineyards, and tried his
hand at growing wine grapes and handcrafting good wine.

Well, as you can imagine, someone with Gene’s microbiology training might be good at such activities. And he was. After a few barrels of wine from his first crops, the bug bit him hard. Gene began enlarging his operations, planting more acres of vines to expand his crops. But he felt he needed more.

He and his wife, Judy, recently bought the assets of Lone Oak Vineyards, formerly of Valley View. Now owning everything from the name and inventory to the equipment and brands, they moved the operation to Post Oak Vineyards. They still buy grapes from the former Lone Oak growers.

Under the guidance of winemaker Jim Evans, the fully ripe grapes
from both vineyards are harvested by hand and fermented in the
new winery.

The wine is aged in 100% French Oak barrels and hand bottled.
New wines will be crafted by Jim and Gene from Estate grown (Post
Oak Vineyards) grapes that will complement the traditional Lone
Oak brands of Merlot, Cabernet, Dolce Rouge and Port.

Gene and Judy will soon open a tasting room at 2116 Farm Road
731. For more information, visit or call
(817) 426-6625.