ARA Luncheon – Monday, June 13th, 11:30am

Dear ARA Members,

Our next ARA luncheon will be held on June 13th, 2022, in the Alcon Crossroads Conference Center (old Alcon cafeteria). One of our ARA members, Tom McDonald, PhD, will speak to us about his book in progress on the first 50-year history of Alcon. His presentation at the luncheon will address the first 25-year history of Alcon (1947 thru 1972). Tom worked in Alcon R&D for 39 years—1964 to 2004. He was at Alcon for 32 of the company’s first 50 years.

The presentation will focus on key events and personalities. For example: who were the three original founders of Alcon Laboratories? Who invented the Drop-tainer? Do you know when and why Alcon almost went bankrupt? Did you know Alcon was the second Tarrant County company ever to be listed on the New York stock exchange? Who, when, and why conceived of the Alcon campus? Numerous photos will be shown, many never seen by Alcon employees.

While this is an in-person event, we are working with Alcon so it can also be live on WebEx for those living outside the DFW area. We will require your RSVP so please let us know if you are attending, either in person or remote. If you choose to attend with WebEx, we will send you the link a few days prior to the event. And we need to know if you are attending in person so we can plan the correct headcount for our meals.

Sign-in will start at 11:30, the buffet opens at noon and the program starts at 12:50. We’ll wrap up by 3:00.

You can RSVP by emailing me at or call our Alcon number and leave a voicemail 817-615-2875. Please specify whether you’ll be there in person or remote.

I’m looking forward to seeing you!

Pat Cappelletti
President, Alcon Retirees Association


ARA In-person Luncheon Monday, March 21, 2022, 11:30am

Dear ARA Members,

We are pleased to announce our next Alcon Retirees Association luncheon will take place on Monday, March 21, 2022, at 11:30am, at the Alcon Conference Center (old cafeteria).

Our speaker will be JoAnn Collins who will address the topic of “Why Prairies Matter”.

JoAnn Collins found her passion for prairies after retiring from teaching elementary school for 29 years. Starting a school garden led her to become a Texas Master Naturalist. After dabbling with becoming a Citizen Forester she was enlisted to help save a prairie in SW Tarrant County near Benbrook Lake. Strangely enough, taking groups to this prairie on monthly walks made her fall in love with them, especially after witnessing monarch butterflies on their way to Mexico. During this time, she met members of the Native Prairies Association of Texas and helped to plan a prairie conference for North Texas. This conference led to the formation of two new chapters of NPAT in Fort Worth and Dallas. Unfortunately, that prairie she tried to save was sold and is being subdivided into the next neighborhood like so many others that have sprung up recently. This strengthened her desire to spread the word to all about why prairies matter. She is the Outreach Coordinator for the Fort Worth chapter and serves on the state board of NPAT.

She still teaches as a substitute with FWISD and tries to get students involved in learning about nature by doing nature driven community service. With help from students at the Young Women’s Leadership Academy in Fort Worth she began the Savage Cabbage Bash in 2015 where students meet to pull an invasive species (Rapistrum rugosum) along the Trinity Trails. March 26th will be the 5th anniversary of this event, the first year back after Covid restrictions.

When not teaching or preaching about prairies, she can be found trying to manage her own small urban prairie in her yard or trying to acquire a green thumb and be a successful vegetable gardener! She lives in Fort Worth with her husband, teen and two dogs! They love to travel!

No reservations required. It’s free for members and $10 for guests. Also, remember to pay your $10 dues for 2022 if you haven’t done so already. You may pay at the sign-in desk when you arrive.

As in the past, look for the orange cones in the northwest corner of the Tower A lot for our reserved parking. If you don’t have an Alcon Retirees gold card, let me know.

Note: Covid restrictions have been completely lifted.  Masks, social distancing, and capacity are all back to normal.  People can still wear masks, however.

11:30 Sign-in
12:00 Buffet opens
12:50 Program begins
1:50 Wrap up

I’m looking forward to seeing you on March 21st!

Warmest regards,
Pat Cappelletti
President, Alcon Retirees Association

In Hindsight Winter 2021/2022 Newsletter

Dear ARA Members,

Happy Valentines Day!

Please join us for an exciting program in 2022. 

The ARA Luncheons are scheduled to be in person on the Alcon Campus on March 21st, June 13th, October 3rd, and December 12th  (the Annual Holiday Lupper).

Please stay tuned to the ARA website and watch for meeting announcements.

The Winter 2021/2022 Newsletter has been published. To view it from the website, login and choose the Newsletter box on the right-hand side.

If you aren’t a member yet, click on “Not A Member? Sign up Today” and fill in the information requested. Soon, you will receive an email from me asking for information to confirm your retirement date and where you worked at Alcon. Please be sure to respond or the new registration will not proceed forward. Within a day or so after your response is received, you’ll get an email confirming your membership. Follow instructions in the email regarding login and dues.

Best regards,

Pat Cappelletti
President,  Alcon Retirees Association

2021 Holiday Lupper Update


I am pleased to announce that Mr. David Endicott, CEO of Alcon, will be our speaker at the Alcon Retirees Association Holiday “Lupper”.  The Lupper is on December 20th, 2021, in the Alcon Conference Center (old Alcon cafeteria). 





We have received confirmation that David Endicott, CEO, will speak at our Lupper from 12:30pm to 1:00pm.

Our agenda has been modified to adjust to his schedule so we will arrive earlier and start the buffet a little later.

Please remember Alcon’s policies of wearing a mask except when eating and social distancing. 


11:30-12:00             Check in
12:15                          Welcome and Introduction of Mr. David Endicott
12:30-12:45             Mr. Endicott – Remarks
12:45-1:00               Mr. Endicott – Q & A
1:00                           Mr. Endicott departs
1:10                           Buffet and Bar open
2:00                         Tribute and toast to Ed Schollmaier
2:30                         Raffle
3:00                         Closing Announcements

The Holiday Horns will be playing the jazzy holiday music they did in 2019.

We will have a short tribute to Ed Schollmaier, who recently passed away. See our special edition of the In Hindsight Newsletter dedicated to Mr. Schollmaier.

Since we are still in the Age of Covid, we need to respect Alcon policies for the safety of us all. Masks are required except when eating. We will need to social distance as much as we can. Fist bumps instead of hugs. (sorry) The important thing is that we’ll be getting together again after so long.

Please send your payment and RSVP by December 10th, so we can have an accurate headcount for our meals and to confirm your attendance.  We want to make your check-in process as touchless and efficient as possible, so we will not take payment at check in. 

Member dues = $10/year
Lupper for member = $10
Lupper for guest = $15

If you don’t have an Alcon Retirees gold card, let me know so I can put your name on the list for Security so you can enter the campus.

Since parking spaces are usually limited, it would be helpful to know if you are driving your car and how many people will be with you or if you’re riding with someone else.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Pat Cappelletti
President, Alcon Retirees Association
817-615-2875 (voicemail)

Send dues and Lupper payment to:
$20 = dues + meal for member
$35 = dues + meal for member + a guest

Alcon Retirees Association
P.O. Box 173416
Arlington, Texas 76003- 3416

In HindSight – In Memoriam Ed Schollmaier

The passing of Ed Schollmaier was felt by the communities he served, especially Alcon, TCU, the Fort Worth Opera, and the city of Fort Worth. Many of our current members started their careers at Alcon when Ed was the CEO and have many memories of his leadership, his kindness, and his stories.  We created this special edition of In Hindsight to honor his service to our varied communities and to remember the impact he had on so many of us retired Alcon employees.

The In HindSight Newsletter has been published in memoriam to Ed Schollmaier.  After you log in, Go to Newsletter.

As a reminder, the Holiday Lupper will be held on December 20th on the Alcon Campus, at the old Alcon Cafeteria (aka The Conference Center). Details coming!

If you submitted a membership request and have not received a confirmation email, please contact Pat,


September 2021 Virtual Program

Alcon Retirees can help contribute to this worthy cause by purchasing gift bags for the children (please have Amazon send to this address: 3617 Wichita Street, Fort Worth TX, 76119) or donate directly to ACH. Thank you!

We are pleased to announce our next virtual Alcon Retirees Association program will be on Monday, September 20th, at 2:00pm.

Chuck Burton will speak to us about a local Fort Worth non-profit, ACH Child and Family Services, formerly All Church Home. Chuck is the Director of Marketing and a long-time resident of Fort Worth.


    • 2:00 – 2:10   Welcome and Introductions
    • 2:10 – 2:40   Chuck Burton’s presentation
    • 2:40 – 3:00   Comments and Questions

ACH Child and Family Services has been serving our community for more than a century and brings resources and skills to children and families struggling with life’s challenges. Through 17 programs and services, ACH helps prevent child abuse, neglect, and family separation and helps heal and treat children already affected by these tragedies. The goal is to provide solutions that create safety, hope, love, and the capacity to thrive.

Two movies have recently been filmed on their campus based on real-life stories. Twelve Mighty Orphans starring Martin Sheen and Luke Wilson and a soon to be released Netflix movie, The Redd Zone.

An Email will be sent to members to sign into the Zoom meeting before the 20th. If you would like, you can browse the ACH website in advance of the meeting.

I’m looking forward to seeing you virtually at this enjoyable event!

Best Regards,


Six Flags information is posted in MEMBERS under NEWS tab.

Monday, June 14, 2021 Virtual Program at 2pm

We are pleased to announce our next virtual Alcon Retirees Association program will be on Monday, June 14th, at 2:00pm.

Chris Cobler will speak to us  on “Local Journalism: Educate, engage, empower.” Chris is the Publisher/CEO of the Fort Worth Report. 

Chris Cobler is a newspaper leader who started his career as a reporter in his hometown at the Topeka (Kan.) Capital-Journal and then worked at newspapers in Colorado, South Dakota and Texas. In Texas, he served as managing editor of the Denton Record-Chronicle and editor / publisher of the Victoria Advocate.

As editor, he led two newspapers to recognition as the best in the nation for their size. His newspapers have earned hundreds of state and national honors, including the Robert G. McGruder Award for Diversity Leadership. Cobler was the first Donald W. Reynolds Nieman Fellow for community journalism at Harvard University, where he studied the digital future of news and how to promote a constructive community conversation about changing demographics.

He is a recipient of the Texas Daily Newspaper Association Editorial Achievement Award for courage and commitment to open government; the Texas Press Association Frank W. Mayborn Award for Community Leadership; and a current board member and past president of the Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas.

Please wear red, white or blue to celebrate Flag Day.

An Email will be sent to members to sign into the Zoom meeting on the 14th. If you would like, you can browse the newspaper website in advance of the meeting.

I’m looking forward to an enjoyable event!

Best Regards,  Pat

Monday, March 15, 2021 Virtual Program at 2pm

We are pleased to announce our first virtual Alcon Retirees Association program on Monday, March 15th, at 2:00pm.

Mae Ferguson will speak to us about Fort Worth Sister Cities International. Mae is the President/CEO and Protocol Officer of Sister Cities. She has spoken at our luncheons in the past.

Reggio Emilia, Italy, became Fort Worth’s first sister city in 1985. Our former CEO, Tim Sear, played a significant role in bringing this about.

We will also enjoy music to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day.

Please see Email sent to members to sign into the Zoom on the 15th. If you would like, you can browse their website in advance of the meeting.

I’m looking forward to an enjoyable event!

Best Regards,  Pat

Winter – In HindSight Newsletter published!

Dear ARA Members,

The Winter 2021 Newsletter has been published.

Please join us for an exciting program in 2021.   We may have virtual events in March and June, details to follow.

The on-campus lunch program dates at Alcon are scheduled for September 20th and December 20th (the Annual Holiday Lupper).   Please stay tuned to the ARA website and watch for meeting announcements.

Best regards,

Pat Cappelletti
President,  Alcon Retirees Association

February 2021


                       HAPPY VALENTINES’ DAY!


We plan to offer virtual meetings in March and June, and we are looking forward to returning to our usual in-person luncheons later in 2021.  We’ll keep you informed as we know more. 

We continue to publish our newsletter, In HindSight, three times a year. Please send your pictures or stories of what you’ve been doing via email to Annabelle Corboy at

Thank you to those who have sent in your dues, holiday greetings and words of support!

If you haven’t sent in your dues, please mail your $10.00 annual dues renewal as a check made out to Alcon Retirees Association or ARA.

Mail Dues To:
Alcon Retirees Association
P.O. Box 173416
Arlington, Texas 76003-3416

Stay healthy and well.

Pat Cappelletti
President, Alcon Retirees Association