Finally it’s Fall !!


Dear ARA Members,

The Alcon Retirees Association luncheon scheduled for Monday, September 14th, has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

Dr. Andrew Walker, Executive Director of the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth, was our scheduled speaker and will speak to us at a future date. In the meantime, you might enjoy visiting their website for virtual events and tours. Since the museum has opened, you may enjoy an actual visit there. Hours and safety measures are in their website.

Our next luncheon is still scheduled for December 7th on the Alcon campus. I’ll keep you posted on changes. 

Stay safe and healthy!


Best regards,

Pat Cappelletti

President,  Alcon Retiree’s Association

2020 ARA Luncheon Dates Announced

Dear ARA Members,

We are very pleased to announce that the dates for the 2020 ARA luncheons on the Alcon Fort Worth campus have been confirmed. Please mark your calendars as noted below:

September 14th
December 7th (Annual Christmas Lupper)

These are all scheduled for Mondays. The luncheons get started at 12:00 noon.

Please watch for details of the respective programs at the luncheons to be announced. We look forward to seeing all ARA members. These events are a great way to stay in touch with colleagues and friends, and have a fun time together.

See you there !

ARA Website Information

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[Important: We have a large number of ARA members for whom we do not have an email address. Thus, if you are unable to sign-in to the member section as instructed above, this mostly likely means we need your email address to record in the database before you can access this section of the website. In this case, please send your name and email address to Brad Kling at ‘’. Many thanks!]

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