Dear Retirees,

We welcome all Alcon retirees to our Alcon Retirees Association website.  Please check the website often for ARA news and announcements.  It is an easy way for you to stay up-to-date on our activities and news from other retirees about their latest experiences, travels, and happenings. Look for new Announcements from the link on the right-hand side column.

Please contribute your news, photos, and latest adventures to share with fellow retirees.  You may pass on all information via email to any of the ARA Executive Committee members shown on the Contact page (upper right link) or by regular mail to ARA, P.O. BOX 173416, Arlington, TX 76003-3416.

If you have not yet joined the Alcon Retirees Association, registration is an easy process.  Please just complete the new member sign-up information from the side-column link.    Your registration and acknowledgement will be done in a short time.

Dues are a nominal $10 per year.  Your membership opens the door for our quarterly luncheon meetings (the December meeting is a special Christmas celebration) on the Alcon Fort Worth campus and receipt of the ARA newsletter along with other email announcements.

Thanks for joining us on the website.  We are proud of this site and encourage all of you to ask your friends at Alcon to visit our website to see what life is like after Alcon for retirees.

With best regards,


Pat Cappelletti
President, Alcon Retirees Association