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In HindSight – In Memoriam Ed Schollmaier

The passing of Ed Schollmaier was felt by the communities he served, especially Alcon, TCU, the Fort Worth Opera, and the city of Fort Worth. Many of our current members started their careers at Alcon when Ed was the CEO and have many memories of his leadership, his kindness, and his stories.  We created this special edition of In Hindsight to honor his service to our varied communities and to remember the impact he had on so many of us retired Alcon employees.

The In HindSight Newsletter has been published in memoriam to Ed Schollmaier.  After you log in, Go to Newsletter.

As a reminder, the Holiday Lupper will be held on December 20th on the Alcon Campus, at the old Alcon Cafeteria (aka The Conference Center). Details coming!

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